1974-1975 Personal Computer :          Scelbi Computer Consulting   The first consumer computers.
          Scelbi, Mark-8, Altair, IBM  Company, Jonathan Titus,     The IBM 5100 becomes the first
          5100                         Micro Instrumentation and    commercially available portable computer.
                                       Telemetry Systems (MITS),
                                       IBM (respectively)
1976-1977 Apple I, II                  Steve Jobs and Steve         Apple I, the first computer with a single-
                                       Wozniak                      circuit board. Apple II offers color graphics
                                                                    and incorporates an audio cassette drive
                                                                    for storage.
1981      MS-DOS Computer              Bill Gates and Paul Allen    It introduces a whole new language to the
          Operating System                                          general public. Typing “C:” and various
                                                                    cryptic commands gradually becomes part
                                                                    of daily work. People discover the
                                                                    backslash () key.
1981      Acorn                        IBM                          First IBM personal computer
1983-1984 Lisa, Apple Macintosh        Apple Inc.                   First personal computer with a Graphical
                                                                    User Interface (GUI)
1985      Microsoft Windows            Microsoft Corporation        Microsoft ships Windows 1.0. Now, rather
                                                                    than typing MS‐DOS commands, you just
                                                                    move a mouse to point and click your way
                                                                    through screens, or “windows.” Bill Gates
                                                                    says, “It is unique software designed for
                                                                    the serious PC user.”
1990      HyperText Markup             Tim Berners-Lee and Robert   WWW is an information system of
          Language (HTML) and          Cailliau                     interlinked hypertext documents that are
          World Wide Web (WWW)                                      accessed via the Internet. It has also
                                                                    commonly become known simply as the
2003      AMD’s Athlon 64              Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. First 64-bit processor
2004      Mozilla’s Firefox 1.0        Mozilla Foundation and       It challenges Microsoft’s Internet Explorer,
                                       contributors                 the dominant web browsers.
                                       Mozilla Corporation
2006      MacBook Pro                  Apple Inc.                   First Intel-based, dual-core mobile
2007      iPhone                       Apple Inc.                   Original Smartphone era begins from here.
2008      Android                      Andy Rubin, Rich Miner, Nick T-Mobile G1 is the First-ever Android
                                       Sears and Google             device; had quirky design elements like the
                                                                    swing-out keyboard and the "chin".
2010      iPad                         Apple Inc.                   Apple releases the original iPad.
2011      3D transistors               Intel Corporation            Intel announces the commercialisation of
                                                                    3D transistors
2012      Ultrabook                    Intel Corporation            It is a specification and trademarked brand
                                                                    by Intel for a class of high-end
                                                                    subnotebooks which are designed to
                                                                    feature reduced bulk without compromising
                                                                    battery life.
2014      Intel® CoreTM i7-5960X        Intel Corporation            Intel unveiled its first eight-core desktop
2015      Ubuntu operating system      Canonical Ltd.,              The BQ Aquaris E4.5 Ubuntu Edition
                                       Ubuntu community             becomes the first phone running the
                                       contributors,                Ubuntu operating system to be released
                                       The Carrier Advisory Group   February 11, 2015.
2016      Smart Mobile Theater         Royole Corporation           Royole-X is the world"s first foldable smart
          system, Royole-X                                          mobile theatre device. The system has
                                                                    noise-canceling headphones and a viewing
                                                                    system that is vision correctable.
2016      Oculus Rift                  Oculus VR, LLC               The Oculus Rift is a virtual reality head-
                                                                    mounted display. Software, most notably
                                                                    video games, must be custom programmed
                                                                    to use the Rift.