Ans: (b)
65. In which year the first unmanned spacecraft reached the Moon?
    (a) 1949
    (b) 1959
    (c) 1960
    (d) 1961
Ans: (b)
66. Which of the following the first unmanned spacecraft to reach the Moon?
    (a) Luna 1
    (b) Smart 1
    (c) Chang"e 1
    (d) Lunar Prospector
Ans: (a)
67. In which year the first manned spacecraft landed on the Moon?
    (a) 1959
    (b) 1969
    (c) 1979
    (d) 1981
Ans: (b)
68. Earth is the ____ largest planet in the solar system.
    (a) Fourth
    (b) Fifth
    (c) Sixth
    (d) Seventh
Ans: (b)
69. What is the approximate age of the earth?
    (a) 3.64 billion years
    (b) 4.04 billion years
    (c) 4.54 billion years
    (d) 5.15 billion years
Ans: (c)
70. The highest point measured from sea level on the earth is ____.
    (a) Godwin Austen
    (b) Mount Everest
    (c) Makalu
    (d) Cho Oyu
Ans: (b)
71. The lowest point measured below sea level on the earth is ____.
    (a) Kaffeklubben Island
    (b) Voronya Cave
    (c) Challenger Deep
    (d) None of the above