Ans: (b)
429. Which of the following is NOT the normal function of the human kidney? [UP PCS 2011]
     (a) Regulation of water level in the blood
     (b) Regulation of sugar level in the blood
     (c) Filter out urea
     (d) Secretion of several hormones
Ans: (d)
430. Retina of the eye is comparable to which of the following parts of a traditional camera? [UP PCS 2011]
     (a) Film
     (b) Lens
     (c) Shutter
     (d) Cover
Ans: (b)
431. Insectivorous fish used for mosquito control is [UP PCS 2011]
     (a) Hilsa
     (b) Labeo
     (c) Gambusia
     (d) Mystus
Ans: (c)
432. BMD testing is done to diagnose [UP PCS 2011]
     (a) Dengue
     (b) Malaria
     (c) Osteoporosis
     (d) AIDS
Ans: (c)
433. Golden rice has the highest quantity of [UP PCS 2011]
     (a) Vitamin A
     (b) Vitamin B
     (c) Vitamin C
     (d) Vitamin K
Ans: (a)
434. "Darwin finches" refers to a group of [SSC Grad 2011]
     (a) Fishes
     (b) Lizards
     (c) Birds
     (d) Amphibians
Ans: (c)
435. The dried flower buds are used as a spice in [SSC Grad 2011]
     (a) Cardamom
     (b) Cinnamon
     (c) Cloves
     (d) Saffron
Ans: (c)
436. The tissue in man where no cell division occurs after birth is [SSC Grad 2011]