410. Why are pregnant women recommended substantial intake of green leafy vegetables in their diet, especially in the 1st
     trimester? [CDS 2010]
     (a) They are a rich source of chlorophyll
     (b) They are a rich source of lecithin
     (c) They area rich source of folic acid which is required for DNA synthesis
     (d) They are a rich source of essential fatty acids required for cell anabolism
Ans: (c)
411. Human body"s main organ of balance is located in [CDS 2010]
     (a) inner part of ear
     (b) middle part of ear
     (c) front part of brain
     (d) top part of vertebral column
Ans: (a)
412. Which organ in animals breaks fat to produce cholesterol? [Asstt Commdt 2010]
     (a) Kidney
     (b) Heart
     (c) Lungs
     (d) Liver
Ans: (d)
413. The coconut water from a tender coconut is [Asstt Commdt 2010]
     (a) an embryo
     (b) a free nuclear endosperm with multiple nuclei
     (c) a cellular endosperm
     (d) a non-nutritive fluid
Ans: (b)
414. Some species of plants are insectivorous. Why? [IAS 2010]
     (a) Their growth in shady and dark places does not allow them to undertake sufficient photosynthesis and thus they
          depend on insects for nutrition
     (b) They are adapted to grow in nitrogen deficient soils and thus they depend on insects for sufficient nitrogenous
     (c) They cannot synthesize certain vitamins themselves and depend on the insects digested by them
     (d) They have remained in that particular stage of evolution as living fossils, a link between autotrophs and
Ans: (b)
415. Which one of the following processes in the bodies of living organisms is a digestive process? [IAS 2010]
     (a) Break down of proteins into amino acids
     (b) Breakdown of glucose into carbon dioxide and water
     (c) Conversion of glucose into glycogen
     (d) Conversion of amino acids into proteins
Ans: (a)
416. Consider the following statements:
     1) Hepatitis-B is several times more infectious than HIV / AIDS
     2) Hepatitis-B can cause liver cancer
     Which of the statements given above is/ate correct? [lAS2010)