Ans: (d)
372. Which one of the following is responsible for converting milk into curd? [CDS 2008]
     (a) Fungi
     (b) Bacteria
     (c) Virus
     (d) None of these
Ans: (b)
373. Which chamber of human heart pumps fully oxygenated blood to aorta and hence to the body? [CDS 2008]
     (a) Right Auricle
     (b) Left Auricle
     (c) Right Ventricle
     (d) Left Ventricle
Ans: (d)
374. Which one of the following is a vitamin? [Asstt Comm 2008]
     (a) Citric acid
     (b) Folic acid
     (c) Glutamic acid
     (d) Linoleic acid
Ans: (b)
375. Which one of the following bacteria helps in improving the soil fertility? [Asstt Comm 2008]
     (a) Clostridium
     (b) Rhizobium
     (c) Salmonella
     (d) Staphylococcus
Ans: (b)
376. "Foot and Mouth Disease" is found in [Asstt Comm 2008]
     (a) Cats and dogs
     (b) Cattle
     (c) Poultry
     (d) Humans
Ans: (b)
377. In which one of the following animals is respiration done by skin? [Asstt Comm 2008]
     (a) Flying fish
     (b) Sea horse
     (c) Frog
     (d) Chameleon
Ans: (c)
378. Which one of the following is a primate? [Asstt Comm 2008]
     (a) Bear
     (b) Loris
     (c) Pangolin
     (d) Otter
Ans: (b)
379. Consider the following: