3)   Skin rash and bleeding from nose and gums are some of the symptoms of Dengue.
     Which of the statements given above is/are correct? [IAS 2005]
     (a)  1 and 2
     (b)  3 only
     (c)  2 only
     (d)  1 and 3
Ans: (c)
352. Which of the following diseases is not caused by viruses? [CDS 2009]
     (a) Cholera
     (b) Chickenpox
     (c) Hepatitis
     (d) Measles
Ans: (a)
353. In human beings, the opening of the stomach into the small intestine is called [CDS 2009]
     (a) caecum
     (b) ileum
     (c) oesophagus
     (d) pylorus
Ans: (d)
354. Among the following, which one lays eggs and does not produce young ones directly? [IAS 2008]
     (a) Echidna
     (b) Kangaroo
     (c) Porcupine
     (d) Whale
Ans: (a)
355. The release of which one of the following into ponds and wells helps in controlling the mosquitoes?
     (a) Crab
     (b) Dogfish
     (c) Gambusia fish
     (d) Snail
Ans: (c)
356. Among the following, which one is not an ape? [IAS 2008]
     (a) Gibbon
     (b) Gorilla
     (c) Langur
     (d) Orangutan
Ans: (c)
357. What is the pH level of blood of a normal person? [IAS 2008]
     (a) 4.0 - 4.5
     (b) 6.45 - 65.5
     (c) 7.35 - 7.45
     (d) 8.25 - 8.35
Ans: (c)