(b) green algae
     (c) brown algae
     (d) blue-green algae
Ans: (d)
344. The organs which are morphologically different but perform the same function are called: [CDS 1990]
     (a) homologous organs
     (b) analogous organs
     (c) vestigial organs
     (d) None of the above
Ans: (b)
345. The Indian scientist whose name is associated with the measurement of growth in plants is : [NDA 1993]
     (a) J.C.Bose
     (b) H.G.Khurana
     (c) Meghanada Saha
     (d) C.V. Raman
Ans: (a)
346. The first successful heart transplant in India was performed by: [NDA 1995]
     (a) Dr.Venugopal
     (b) Dr.Caroli
     (c) Dr.Padmavati
     (d) Dr.Dastur
Ans: (a)
347. Match the following: [NDA 1993]
     A. Otitis               1. Throat
     B. Encephalitis         2. Ear
     C. Laryngitis           3. Liver
     D. Hepatitis            4. Brain
                             5. Kidney
          A         B        C          D
     (a)  3         4        1          2
     (b)  1         2        3          4
     (c)  4         3        1          2
     (d)  2         4        1          3
Ans: (d)
348. Match the following:
     Defects of eye          Methods of rectification
     A. Long sightedness     1. Concave lens
     B. Short sightedness    2. Convex lens