Ans: (a)
313. "It begins as a single cell and grows into a merciless disease that claims millions of lives year after year. But scientists
     are steadily unlocking its mystries, and the fight against it may now have reached a dramatic turning point. New
     discoveries promise better therapies and hope in the war against .. ". The disease referred to in the above quotation is:
     [IAS 1995]
     (a) tuberculosis
     (b) cancer
     (c) alzheimer"s disease
     (d) AIDS
Ans: (b)
314. "Ecological niche" refers to the: [CDS 1999]
     (a) amount of autotrophs available for consumption of the grazing population
     (b) relationship of an animal with the surrounding animals
     (c) position of an animal with reference to its species
     (d) None of the above
Ans: (b)
315. A form of heart disease in which blood supply to the heart is inadequate is known as :
     (a) hepatitis
     (b) alpoecia
     (c) angina
     (d) pericarditis
Ans: (c)
316. Who are more likely to get tape- worms? [I.Tax & Central excise 1994]
     (a) Fish eaters
     (b) Meat eaters
     (c) Beef eaters
     (d) Pork eaters
Ans: (d)
317. The most important therapy for cholera is : [CDS 1993]
     (a) penicillin
     (b) streptomycin
     (c) water & electrolyte replacement
     (d) antitoxin
Ans: (c)
318. Children may be protected by the injection of "quadruple antigen" against
     (a) diphtheria, small pox, tetanus and leukaemia
     (b) diphtheria, measles, typhoid and polio
     (c) diphtheria, small pox, measles and tuberculosis
     (d) diphtheria, whooping cough, tetanus and polio
Ans: (d)
319. Cow milk is a rich source of:
     (a) vitamin A
     (b) vitamin B
     (c) vitamin C
     (d) vitamin D