(d) Chordae Tendinae
Ans: (c)
299. Which one of the following is true regarding plant cells and animal cells?
     (a) Plant cells have a thin lining of a cytoplasm while animal cells are constituted almost entirely of cytoplasm
     (b) Plant cells contain chloroplast while animal cells do not
     (c) Animal cells are large while plant cells are usually small
     (d) Plant cells have nucleus while animal cells do not have it
Ans: (b)
300. In which of the following diseases do the germs enter through open wounds? [GICAAO 1995]
     (a) Malaria
     (b) Tuberculosis
     (c) Typhoid
     (d) Tetanus
Ans: (d)
301. Potato is an underground modified stem referred to as : [Asstt Grade 1992]
     (a) rhizomes
     (b) bulbs
     (c) tubers
     (d) corns
Ans: (c)
302. Dialysis is used when a patient has serious trouble with:
     (a) liver
     (b) kidney
     (c) lung
     (d) heart
Ans: (b)
303. Diabetes is caused due to the malfunctioning of:
     (a) liver
     (b) kidneys
     (c) pancreas
     (d) spleen
Ans: (c)
304. Which of the following diseases usually spreads through milk?
     (a) Tuberculosis
     (b) Jaundice
     (c) Diphtheria
     (d) Cholera
Ans: (a)
305. Which of the following sets contains foods rich in carbohydrates?
     (a) Potato, ghee and cucumber
     (b) Wheat, ghee and spinach
     (c) Banana, potato and rice
     (d) Rice, lemon and mustard oil
Ans: (c)