(d) Fruit
Ans: (a)
270. Match the following: [IAS 1990]
     Plant tissue             Function
     A. Sclerenchyma          1. Conduction of water
     B. Xylem                 2. Transport of food
     C. Phloem                3. Mechanical strength
     D. Meristem              4. Cell division
                              5. Carbon assimilation
         A          B         C          D
     (a) 1          4         3          5
     (b) 2          5         4          1
     (c) 3          1         2          4
     (d) 4          2         5          3
Ans: (c)
271. The part of cinchona plant which yields quinine is : [IFS 1993]
     (a) root
     (b) leaf
     (c) flower
     (d) bark
Ans: (d)
272. Guttation is a process in plants by which: [IFS 1990]
     (a) CO2 is removed
     (b) CO2 and O2 are removed
     (c) excess of water is removed in the form of water vapours
     (d) excess of water is removed in the form of water drops
Ans: (d)
273. Translocation of food materials in plants takes place through:
     (a) cortex
     (b) xylem
     (c) epidermis
     (d) phloem
Ans: (d)
274. Which of the following statements regarding nitrogen nutrition of plants is wrong? [CDS 1993]
     (a) Legumes do not require nitrogen fertllisers
     (b) Green plants can fix nitrogen from the atmosphere into nitrate
     (c) The problem of nitrogen fertiliser could be reduced if Rhizobium can be grown in the roots of cereal plants
     (d) Only a few gifted prokaryotes can fix atmospheric nitrogen into nitrate
Ans: (b)