(c) vagina
     (d) oviduct
Ans: (d)
258. The normal temperature of the human body is : [RRB 1993]
     (a) 90°F
     (b) 98°F
     (c) 98.4°F
     (d) 96.4°F
Ans: (c)
259. ________ muscle is the strongest of all in the human body.
     (a) Jaw
     (b) Thigh
     (c) Calf
     (d) Upper arm
Ans: (b)
260. Sweat glands occur in greatest number in the skin of the:
     (a) forehead
     (b) armpits
     (c) back
     (d) palm of hand
Ans: (b)
261. The blood pressure values of four persons are given below: [IAS 1993]
     1) Mrs.X-90/60
     2) Mr. X-160/120
     3) Mr. Y-120/80
     4) Mrs. Y -140/100
     Who among the following has normal blood pressure?
     (a) Mrs. Y
     (b) Mr. X
     (c) Mrs. X
     (d) Mr. Y
Ans: (d)
262. Consider the following:
     1) Right auricle
     2) Left auricle
     3) Right ventricle
     4) Left ventricle
     The above are the four chambers of human heart in which the blood returned to the heart by great veins flows in a
     sequential order. What is the correct sequential order?
     (a) 1,2,3,4
     (b) 2,3,1,4
     (c) 1,3,2,4
     (d) 2,4,1,3