Ans: (c)
245. In mammals, the sequence of bones from shoulder to finger tips is : [CDS1992]
     (a) humerus, radius-ulna, carpals, metacarpals, phalanges
     (b) humerus, metacarpals, carpals, radius-ulna, phalanges
     (c) radius-ulna, humerus, metacarpals, carpals, phalanges
     (d) humerus, radius-ulna, metacarpals, carpals, phalanges
Ans: (a)
246. The glands of the body which pour their seretions directly into the blood stream are known as:
     (a) exocrine glands
     (b) endocrine glands
     (c) heterocrine glands
     (d) compound glands
Ans: (b)
247. If father and mother are possessing Rh +ve and Rh -ve respectively, their children will have the blood group with:
     [Central excise 1990]
     (a) Rh +ve
     (b) Rh -ve
     (c) Rh neutral
     (d) None of these
Ans: (a)
248. The transmission from one neuron to another takes place through chemicals called neuro transmitters. Which of the
     following are neuro transmitters?
     1) Adrenalin
     2) Thyroxine
     3) Acetylcholine
     (a) 1 and 2
     (b) 1 and 3
     (c) 1 only
     (d) 3 only
Ans: (b)
249. The ligaments join:
     (a) muscle to muscle
     (b) bone to bone
     (c) muscle to bone
     (d) None of the above
Ans: (b)
250. Which of the following is produced during allergic reactions?
     (a) Heparin
     (b) Histamine
     (c) Seratonin
     (d) Selastamine
Ans: (b)
251. A round worm that enters man"s body through the soles of the feet is :
     (a) Leech
     (b) Hookworm