(d) When the fertilisation is internal and development is external
Ans: (c)
231. Red blood corpuscles are formed in: [UDC 1993]
     (a) liver
     (b) small intestine
     (c) kidneys
     (d) bone marrow
Ans: (d)
232. How much blood does an average adult have in the body?
     (a) 3 - 4 liters
     (b) 4 - 5 liters
     (c) 5 - 6 liters
     (d) 6 - 7 liters
Ans: (c)
233. Convex lenses are used for the correction of:
     (a) astigmatism
     (b) short sightedness
     (c) cataract
     (d) long sightedness
Ans: (d)
234. The salivary gland secrete saliva which contains the enzyme: [CBI 1994]
     (a) pepsin
     (b) renin
     (c) ptyalin
     (d) lipase
Ans: (c)
235. Which sugar is present in considerable amount in the blood? [CDS 1994]
     (a) Glucose
     (b) Fructose
     (c) Galactose
     (d) Sucrose
Ans: (a)
236. Foetus development in woman"s womb can be ascertained by :
     (a) CAT scanning
     (b) PTT scanning
     (c) Ultrasound
     (d) Co-27 experiment
Ans: (c)
237. The .internal secretion of ______ helps in digestion. [Bank PO 1988]
     (a) citric acid
     (b) sulphuric acid
     (c) acetic acid
     (d) hydrochloric acid
Ans: (d)