(c) fat is converted into sugar in the mouth
     (d) vitamins are converted into sugar in the mouth
Ans: (a)
224. Human body needs a constant supply of proteins to survive. The first part of the digestive system to begin digesting
     proteins is : [Central excise 1993]
     (a) mouth
     (b) stomach
     (c) small intestine
     (d) large intestine
Ans: (b)
225. Ultra filtering unit of kidney is known as:
     (a) nephron
     (b) glomerulus
     (c) tubule
     (d) venacava
Ans: (a)
226. In human body, the leg bones are: [Teachers"s Exam 1994]
     (a) Humerus and Femur
     (b) Fibula and Tibia
     (c) Fibula and Ulna
     (d) Tibia and Radius
Ans: (a)
227. All the veins carry deoxygenated blood, except: [CDS 1990]
     (a) Hepatic vein
     (b) Subclavian vein
     (c) Pulmonaryvein
     (d) Portal vein
Ans: (c)
228. In metabolism, enzymes act as: [RRB 1991]
     (a) promoter
     (b) catalyst
     (c) oxidant
     (d) reductant
Ans: (b)
229. Life of RBC in human blood is of: [NDA 1993]
     (a) 30 days
     (b) 60 days
     (c) 120 days
     (d) 15 hours
Ans: (c)
230. Which of the following correctly explains the phenomenon of "Test Tube Baby"?
     (a) When every process of embryo formation is in the test tube
     (b) When the embryo develops in a test tube
     (c) When the fertilisation is external and development is internal