197. Alzheimer"s disease in human beings is characterised by the degeneration of:
     (a) kidney cells
     (b) nerve cells
     (c) brain cells
     (d) liver cells
Ans: (b)
198. The yellow colour of urine is due to the presence of:
     (a) bile
     (b) lymph
     (c) cholestrol
     (d) urochrome
Ans: (d)
199. Consider the following statements about antigens: [CDS 1995]
     1) They induce the formation of antibodies.
     2) They provide immunity.
     3) They are formed only within the body.
     Of these statements, the correct ones are:
     (a)   1 and 2
     (b)   2 and 3
     (c)   1 and 3
     (d)   1, 2 and 3
Ans: (a)
200. In mammals, the part of the brain that has reached highest level of development and that has enabled humans to grow
     their own crop, invent machines, develop language and art is : [NDA 1995]
     (a) cerebrum
     (b) cerebellum
     (c) medulla oblangata
     (d) None of the above
Ans: (a)
201. Match the following:
     A. Shoulder and Joints             1. Ball and socket joints
     B. Ankle, Knee and Elbow joints 2. Hinge joints
     C. Toe bones                       3. Ellipsoid joints
     D. Bones in palm                   4. Gliding joints
           A         B        C         D
     (a)   1         2        3         4
     (b)   1         3        4         2
     (c)   2         4        3         1
     (d)   2         1        4         3
Ans: (a)
202. Which of the following glands is situated beneath the brain and whose over secretion produces giants-size children?