(c) Amitosis
     (d) Cytokinesis
Ans: (b)
157. A scientist was treating pathogenic bacteria with different chemicals to see which of them would stop the activity of their
     ribosomes. Which one of the following processes is the target? [IES 1994]
     (a) DNA synthesis
     (b) Digestion of proteins
     (c) Protein synthesis
     (d) Production of ATP
Ans: (a)
158. The source of immediate energy for cellular activity is : [IFS 1990]
     (a) FAD
     (b) RNA
     (c) NAD
     (d) ATP
Ans: (d)
159. The part of the cell which is essential for protein synthesis is : [IES 1991]
     (a) chloroplast
     (b) ribosomes
     (c) Goigi bodies
     (d) Chromosomes
Ans: (b)
160. Match the following: [NDA 1991]
     A. Centrosomes           1. Mitochondria
     B. Energy generators     2. Eukaryotic cells
     C. Polysomes             3. Lysosomes
     D. Hydrolytic enzymes 4. Animal cell
                              5. Plant cell
          A         B         C         D
     (a)  4         2         3         1
     (b)  5         1         4         3
     (c)  3         4         5         2
     (d)  4         1         2         3
Ans: (d)
161. Which of the following is an exception to "Cell Theory"?
     (a) Bacteria
     (b) Fungi
     (c) Virus
     (d) Lichens
Ans: (c)