(c) the movement of organic molecules occurs only at specific concentration
      (d) it allows the movement of certain molecules in and out of the cell while the movement of other molecules is
Ans: (d)
395. Which of the following is the most important for the growth of children up to the age of 14 :
      (a) protein
      (b) vitamin
      (c) fat
      (d) milk
Ans: (a)
396. Roughage, a necessary constituent of the indigestible:
      (a) carbohydrates (cellulose and lignin) and unsaturated fatty acids
      (b) carbohydrates such as cellulose and lignin
      (c) carbohydrates (cellulose and lignin) and semi-cooked meat
      (d) all of these
Ans: (b)
397. Which of the following is not to be included in the milk teeth of the child of 3rd years age?
      (a) incisors
      (b) canines
      (c) molars
      (d) premolars
Ans: (c)
398. In termites, the cellulose of wood is digested by :
      (a) protozoans
      (b) bacteria
      (c) protozoans and bacteria
      (d) cellulose breaking enzyme 13 amylase
Ans: (a)
399. One of the digestive juice which lacks enzymes but aids digestion is:
      (a) bile
      (b) succus entericus
      (c) chyme
      (d) chyle
Ans: (a)
400. Prior to absorption, grape sugar is hydrolysed through an enzyme which is:
      (a) lactose
      (b) maltose
      (c) sucrose
      (d) None of these
Ans: (d)
401. A solution of chlorophyll pigments looks red in the reflected light because of:
      (a) diffraction
      (b) fluorescence
      (c) reflection
      (d) refraction
Ans: (b)
402. Like other body cells, the epithelial cells lining the stomach are protein in nature, yet the epithelial living is not
     digested by the powerful proteolytic enzyme secreted by the stomach because:
      (a) the excess acidity of the gastric juice destroys this enzyme
      (b) the mucous secreted by mucosa protects against auto digestion
      (c) a rich mieroflora of bacteria makes the enzyme totally inactive for the autodigestion
      (d) both mucous and bacteria give protection against autodigestion
Ans: (b)
403. Iron which is necessary for the human body is abundantly found in:
      (a) egg
      (b) green vegetables
      (c) milk
      (d) cauliflower
Ans: (b)
404. Which of the following is the product of a dark reaction of photosynthesis?
      (a) ATP