(b) a dilute solution of minerals in water absorbed by the plant from the soil
      (c) exudate from the cell
      (d) a solution of different organic substance dissolved in the cytoplasm
Ans: (a)
376. Certain parts of a plant can be bent easily without breaking. This flexibility in certain parts, like leaf and stern, can
     be attributed to the abundance of [NDA,2012]
      (a) parenchyma
      (b) collenchyma
      (c) sclerenchyma
      (d) xylem and phloem
Ans: (b)
377. Prokaryotes are:
      (a) animals without well-developed nervous system
      (b) organisms lacking a definite nucleus
      (c) primitive plants without vascular systems
      (d) plants that do not produce flowers and fruits
Ans: (b)
378. Honey which has a high concentration of sugar doesn"t decay; because:
      (a) it contains a natural anti-oxidant that prevents bacterial attack
      (b) bacteria cannot survive in an active state in a solution of high osmotic strength as water is drawn out
      (c) bacteria can"t survive in an active state as it is totally deprived of oxygen
      (d) None of these
Ans: (b)
379. Aherbarium is :
      (a) a collection of herbs in dried form
      (b) a garden with a collection of medicinal herbs
      (c) a garden of various collection of herbs
      (d) a centre for the preservation of dried specimen of plants
Ans: (a)
380. Flame of the forest" refers to :
      (a) a lady with a flame in her hand found in the forest
      (b) a forest full of trees which bursts with red flowers in autmun
      (c) a fire always found in some forests
      (d) the title of a book
Ans: (b)
381. Which one among the following cell organelles is semi-permeable? [NDA,2011]
      (a) Cell membrane
      (b) Plasma membrane
      (c) Cell wall
      (d) Nucleus
Ans: (b)
382. Which of the following shows a taxonornically closed group?
      (a) earthworm, ringworm, tapeworm
      (b) silverfish, cuttlefish, starfish
      (c) housefly, dragofly, butterfly
      (d) sea horse, sea anemone, sea urchin
Ans: (c)
383. The phlegm which accumulates in the braonchi is to be cleared during coughing by :
      (a) stratified squamous epithelium
      (b) stratified columnar ciliated epithelium
      (c) pseudostratified columnar ciliated epithelium
      (d) simple columnar ciliated epithelium
Ans: (c)
384. The widely used antibiotic penicillin is produced by :
      (a) an algae
      (b) a bacterium
      (c) a fungus
      (d) none of these
Ans: (c)
385. Most of the Insects do respiratory activities: [IAS2007]
      (a) through their skin