(a) B
      (b) AB
      (c) O
      (d) B, AB or O
Ans: (c)
366. The part of the brain in which we feel hunger and satisfaction of the food is:
      (a) prosencephalon hemisphere
      (b) cerebrum
      (c) hypothalmus
      (d) medulla oblongata
Ans: (c)
367. Ceribrum is associated with: [RRB Ahmadabad ASM/GG 2004]
      (a) liver
      (b) heart
      (c) brain
      (d) nerve
Ans: (c)
368. The intelligence centre in the human brain is :
      (a) cerebellum
      (b) cerebrum
      (c) medulla oblongata
      (d) None of these
Ans: (b)
369. The largest part of the human brain is : [RRB CC2006]
      (a) brain stem
      (b) cerebellum
      (c) rhomobencephalon
      (d) mesencephalon
Ans: (c)
370. The cells ofthe human body which have the lowest reconjugation power are: [SSC Matric 2001]
      (a) brain cells
      (b) nerve cells
      (c) bone cells
      (d) liver cells
Ans: (a)
371. The largest cell of the human body is :
      (a) WBC
      (b) RBC
      (c) Nerve cell
      (d) None of these
Ans: (c)
372. How many nerve pairs coexist in the human"s spinal cord? [BPSC 2002]
      (a) 12
      (b) 13
      (c) 31
      (d) 33
Ans: (c)
373. The controlling centre of the reflex actions of the human body is located at:
      (a) rhomobencephalon
      (b) cerebellum
      (c) nerve cell
      (d) medulla oblongata
Ans: (c)
374. Aliverwort is:
      (a) a parasite infecting the liver
      (b) a long plant without differentiation of root, stem and leaves
      (c) a kind of bacterium infecting the liver
      (d) a plant of flower shape like the human liver
Ans: (b)
375. The cell sap is :
      (a) a dilute solution of minerals and some organic substances in the vacuole