(a) 3-4litre
      (b) 4-5litre
      (c) 5-6litre
      (d) 6-7litre
Ans: (c)
346. Balanced diet should have approximately?
      (a) 1/5 protein, 3/5 fat and 1/5 carbohydrate
      (b) 3/5 protein, 1/5 fat and 1/5 carbohydrate
      (c) 1/5 protein, 1/5 fat and 3/5 carbohydrate
      (d) 1/2 protein, 1/4 fat and 1/4 carbohydrate
Ans: (c)
347. While sowing seeds, commonly used fertilizers have:
      (a) nitrates
      (b) potash
      (c) phosphorus
      (d) calcium
Ans: (a)
348. The blood purification takes place in : [RRB, TC/CC 2005]
     (a) lungs
     (b) heart
     (c) kidney
     (d) liver
Ans: (c)
349. The blood purification process occurring in human body is called: [BPSC (Pre) 2001]
      (a) dialysis
      (b) heamolysis
      (c) osmosis
      (d) paralysis
Ans: (a)
350. The medicine of epilepsi is extracted from the lichen: [SSC Matric 1999]
      (a) leconera
      (b) rosella
      (c) indocarpon
      (d) permalia
Ans: (d)
351. In refrigerators, the liquid used as a refrigerant is:
      (a) liquid CO2
      (b) liquid N2
      (c) liquid NH3
      (d) super-cooled water
Ans: (c)
352. Which one among the following statements is correct? [NDA, 2012]
      (a) All arteries carry oxygenated blood
      (b) All veins carry oxygenated blood
      (c) Except the pulmonary artery, all other arteries carry oxygenated blood
      (d) Except the pulmonary vein, all other veins carry oxygenated blood
Ans: (c)
353. When we eat something we like, our mouth waters. This is actually not water but fluid secreted from [CDS,2011]
      (a) nasal glands
      (b) oval epithelium
      (c) salivary glands
      (d) tongue
Ans: (c)
354. An organ in which RBC forms in the human body is : [RRB, ASM 2004]
      (a) heart
      (b) spleen
      (c) liver
      (d) bone marrow
Ans: (d)
355. What are cold-blooded animals? [NDA, 2012]
      (a) Animals with blood without haemoglobin