Ans: (b)
329. Which one of the following is necessarily needed to digest the food stuffs? [RRB, CC2003]
      (a) air
      (b) water
      (c) enzyme
      (d) mineral
Ans: (c)
330. Turpentine is obtained from:
      (a) crude petroleum
      (b) pine
      (c) deodar
      (d) oak
Ans: (c)
331. Which of the following acid is present in the human abdomen? [SSC Mat 2002, RRB, ASM/GG 2004]
      (a) sulphuric acid
      (b) hydrochloric acid
      (c) nitric acid
      (d) picric acid
Ans: (b)
332. Consider the following kinds of organisms: [CSAT, 2012]
               1) Bat
               2) Bee
               3) Bird
          Which of the above is/ are pollinating agent/ agents?
      (a) 1 and 2 only
      (b) 2 only
      (c) 1 and 3 only
      (d) 1, 2 and 3
Ans: (d)
333. The millennium Ecosystem Assessment describes the following major categories of ecosystem services-
     provisioning, supporting, regulating, preserving and cultural Which one of the following is supporting service?
     [CSAT, 2012]
      (a) Production of food and water
      (b) Control of climate and disease
      (c) utrient cycling and crop pollination
      (d) Maintenance of diversity
Ans: (d)
334. The organ of the human body which collects carbohydrate in the form of glycogen is : [SSC Mat 2002]
      (a) intestine
      (b) stomach
      (c) pancreas
      (d) liver
Ans: (d)
335. Match the columns:
               1. Epidermis                       A. endothelium
               2. testis tubule                   B. simple columnar epithelium
               3. glomerulus                      C. stratified squamous eqithelium
               4. pulmonary alveoli               D. stratified cuboidal epithelium
                                                  E. Simple squamous epithelium
                    1        2          3         4
          (a)       A        B          C         D
          (b)       B        C          D         E