Ans: (c)
313. Which one of the following is not bio-degradable?
      (a) Woolen carpet
      (b) Silver thin foil
      (c) Leather bag
      (d) Jute bag
Ans: (b)
314. The heart chambers found in the whale are: [RRB TC 2003]
      (a) 2
      (b) 3
      (c) 4
      (d) 1
Ans: (c)
315. The total number of bones found in the human body are :
      (a) 212
      (b) 206
      (c) 202
      (d) 200
Ans: (b)
316. How many bones are found in the human skull? [BPSC (Pre) 1994]
      (a) 8
      (b) 30
      (c) 32
      (d) 34
Ans: (a)
317. The tissue which plays a significant role in the growth almost all bones is:
      (a) areolar tissue
      (b) cartilage
      (c) spongy bone
      (d) fiboelastictissue
Ans: (b)
318. How many pairs of ribs usually coexist in the human body? [MPPCS (Pre) 1995]
      (a) 12
      (b) 10
      (c) 14
      (d) 11
Ans: (a)
319. The smallest bone of the human body is:
      (a) nail
      (b) bone of jaw
      (c) stepis
      (d) bone of the nose
Ans: (c)
320. The longest bone of the human body is :
      (a) stepis
      (b) fibula
      (c) tibia
      (d) femur