281. Vermicompost is a/ an [CDS 2012]
     (a) inorganic fertilizer
     (b) toxic substance
     (c) organic biofertilizer
     (d) synthetic fertilizer
Ans: (c)
282. In urine which vitamin is to be found? [CDS 2010]
      (a) Vitamine A
      (b) Vitamine B
      (c) Vitamine C
      (d) Vitamine D and K
Ans: (d)
283. Which of the following is also known by the name of cuttle fish:
      (a) Loligo
      (b) Cipia
      (c) Pila
      (d) Terido
Ans: (b)
284. Octopus is a : [IAS (Pre) 2003]
      (a) Jointlimb
      (b) Soften skin
      (c) Hemicordet
      (d) Soften layer or membrane
Ans: (d)
285. The Devil Fish is the name of :
      (a) Pyla
      (b) Cipia
      (c) Teridi
      (d) Octopus
Ans: (d)
286. The Star Fish is the name of :
      (a) Asterias
      (b) Holothuria
      (c) Antidon
      (d) Marinearchin
Ans: (a)
287. The respiration in the fishes are done by-
      (a) scales
      (b) lungs
      (c) gills
      (d) nasal cavity
Ans: (c)
288. The main characteristic of the fishes heart is :
      (a) through it only pure blood is passed out
      (b) through it only impure blood is passed out
      (c) through it both pure and impure types of blood are passed out
      (d) in it, there is no blood is to be found
Ans: (b)