273. Which of the following is known as marine animone ?
      (a) Hydra
      (b) Physelia
      (c) Orilia
      (d) Obilia
Ans: (d)
274. Immortality character is found in:
      (a) Sponge
      (b) Hydra
      (c) Snail
      (d) Cockroach
Ans: (b)
275. The disease caused by the asccaris in the human beings is :
      (a) tiniosis
      (b) sleeping sickness
      (c) liver rot
      (d) asccariasis
Ans: (b)
276. The fossil of Archaeopteryx represents the evidence of origin of [CDS,2012]
      (a) birds from reptiles
      (b) mammals from reptiles
      (c) reptiles from amphibians
      (d) mammals from birds
Ans: (a)
277. How many eyes the snail has?
      (a) 1
      (b) 2
      (c) so many
      (d) no any
Ans: (d)
278. The disease filaria is caused by-
      (a) asccaris
      (b) bucheria benicrofty
      (c) plasmodium
      (d) tinea soleum
Ans: (b)
279. How snails are benifitial to the farmers?
      (a) by killing or destroying the harmful insects
      (b) by killing or destroying the harmful bacterias
      (c) both of these
      (d) by making empty and porous holes in the soil
Ans: (d)
280. The ultimate cause of water movement in a plant stem against gravity is [CDS 2012]
      (a) osmosis
      (b) transpiration
      (c) photosynthesis
      (d) diffusion
Ans: (b)