265. A unicellular disease resistant parasitic protozoa found in the human intestine is :
      (a) E. Colie
      (b) E. Gensivalius
      (c) E. Histolitica
      (d) Tripanosoma
Ans: (a)
266. Which one among the following vitamins is necessary for blood clotting? [CDS, 2012]
      (a) Vitamin A
      (b) Vitamin D
      (c) Vitamin K
      (d) Vitamin C
Ans: (c)
267. The substance which is used like a gift item in Japan is:
      (a) Hylonema
      (b) Tathya
      (c) Euplectela
      (d) Phironima
Ans: (c)
268. Which of the following is known as Venus Flower of Basket?
      (a) Cycone
      (b) Uspangia
      (c) Lecosolinia
      (d) Euplectela
Ans: (d)
269. In which of the following blood doesn"t exist but respiratory activities are found?
      (a) Cockroach
      (b) Snail
      (c) Hydra
      (d) Kangaroo
Ans: (c)
270. Which of the following plants can produce allergenic pollen grains:
      (a) congress grass
      (b) fat hen (bathu)
      (c) spiny amaranth
      (d) All of these
Ans: (d)
271. Which of the following is also called Jelly-Fish?
      (a) Hydra
      (b) Physelia
      (c) Orilia
      (d) Matrideam
Ans: (c)
272. Which of the following is also known as "portuguese man of war’?
      (a) Physelia
      (b) Hydra
      (c) Orilia
      (d) Ovilia
Ans: (a)