(b) Shliden
      (c) Robert Hooke
      (d) T. H. Maman
Ans: (a)
234. The thickest human skin is of :
      (a) palm
      (b) sole
      (c) neck
      (d) head
Ans: (b)
235. Which of the following is secreted through lachrymal gland?
      (a) sebum
      (b) mucous
      (c) tears
      (d) sweat
Ans: (c)
236. The longest cell of the human body is :
      (a) cells of the hand
      (b) cells of the leg
      (c) nerve cells
      (d) None of these
Ans: (c)
237. The vector of the Japanese encephelytice is : [UPPCS (Pre) 2008]
      (a) Bacteria
      (b) Virus
      (c) Protozoa
      (d) Fungi
Ans: (b)
238. Which of the following is an example of tissue?
      (a) brain
      (b) blood
      (c) liver
      (d) stomach
Ans: (b)
239. In living organism biotic catalyst is called? [NDA2010]
      (a) Hormone
      (b) Vitamin
      (c) Steroid
      (d) Enzyme
Ans: (d)
240. The first scientist who synthesized gene (chromosome) in the laboratory- [BPSC (Pre) 1999]
      (a) Mendel
      (b) Darwin
      (c) Watson & Crick
      (d) Khorana
Ans: (d)
241. The principle of ‘one gene - one enzyme" was propounded by :