(d) Liver
Ans: (d)
218. Which of the following is studied under Ornithology?
      (a) birds
      (b) mammals
      (c) bats
      (d) fishes
Ans: (a)
219. Which of the following is studied under Gerentology?
     (a) children
     (b) women
     (c) skin disease
     (d) old ages
Ans: (d)
220. The branch of Biology under which insects are studied is called:
      (a) mamology
      (b) ornithology
      (c) entamology
      (d) ecuethology
Ans: (a)
221. Along with which of the following pidiarties is related?
      (a) Bone disease
      (b) Heart disease
      (c) Child disease
      (d) Eye disease
Ans: (c)
222. Who propounded the theory of Jumping gene?
      (a) Grager J. Mendel
      (b) Thorns Hunt
      (c) Varvra Macilantak
      (d) Heneric Hertz
Ans: (c)
223. Through which of the following disease Adberd Jener is associated: [CPO, SI2003]
      (a) dysentery
      (b) intestine fever
      (c) small pox
      (d) paralysis
Ans: (c)
224. The scientist who firstly explained about the blood circulation was: [CPQ SI 2003]
      (a) Antoniwan Leeuwenhock
      (b) William Harbe
      (c) John Gregar Mendel
      (d) Ronald Ros
Ans: (b)
225. The first heart transplantation was done by : [MPPCS (Pre) 1994]
      (a) Dr. William Harbe
      (b) Sir EG. Hafkin