Ans: (b)
210. Which of the following is not the part of vehicle pollution? [RRB TC 2005]
      (a) H2
      (b) CO
      (c) SO2
      (d) N2O
Ans: (a)
211. The rate of heartbeat for a normal human body is: [Uttrakhand PCS (Pre) 2008, SSC CPO (SI) 2009]
      (a) 82
      (b) 92
      (c) 72
      (d) 98
Ans: (b)
212. Assertion (A) : Liver of the human body plays a Significant role in the digestion of fat. [IAS (Pre) 2008]
     Reason (R) : Liver produces two Significant fat digestive enzymes.
     (a) Both A and Bare true and A is correctly explained by R
     (b) Both A and Bare true but A is not correctly explained by R
     (c) A is true but R is false
     (d) A is false but R is true
Ans: (c)
213. Under which branch of science bones are studied?
      (a) Orology
      (b) Osteology
      (c) Seremology
      (d) Geology
Ans: (b)
214. Which of the following is studied under palentology ?
      (a) brain
      (b) plants
      (c) primates
      (d) fossils
Ans: (d)
215. The study of fishes is called: [RRB ASM/GG 2004]
      (a) Kreptology
      (b) Ecuethology
      (c) Sicrotology
      (d) Lapideteriology
Ans: (c)
216. The study of butter-fly is called: [RRB ASM / GG 2002]
      (a) ecuethology
      (b) neontology
      (c) lapideteriology
      (d) polinology
Ans: (c)
217. Which of the following Human organ is affected by the consumption of aflatoxin food adulterent ? [BPSC (Pre)
      (a) Heart
      (b) Lungs
      (c) Kidney