(b) plant growth without water
     (c) relation of sound and air
     (d) technique of water conservation
Ans: (a)
203. Which one of the following is the largest decomposer of the solar energy? [SSC Graduate 2005]
      (a) bacteria
      (b) protozoa
      (c) fungi
      (d) green plants
Ans: (d)
204. The epiphytes are those plants which have self-sustained growth and development dependent on other plants for
      (a) food material
      (b) Mechanical help
      (c) shadow
      (d) water
Ans: (b)
205. Phytotron is a facility, through which: [IAS (Pre) 1994]
      (a) plants are grown up in the diseaseless circumstances
      (b) species of the extinct plants are conserved
      (c) plants become available to grow up in the controlled conditions
      (d) mutation is affected
Ans: (c)
206. Abiogeographic region with significant reservoir of biodiversity that is under threat from humans is called as [NDA,
      (a) bioendangered region
      (b) biodiversity hotspot
      (c) biodiversity reservoir
      (d) environmentally endangered region
Ans: (c)
207. The water pollution in the rivers are measured by : [IAS (Pre) 1998]
      (a) amount of dissolved chlorine
      (b) amount of dissolved ozone
      (c) amount of dissolved nitrogen
      (d) amount of dissolved oxygen
Ans: (d)
208. Which of the following gas doesn"t pollute the air? [RRB TC 2003]
      (a) CO2
      (b) CO
      (c) NO2
      (d) SO2
Ans: (a)
209. The main function of the inner bark of a woody plant is to? [NDA, 2011]
      (a) transport minerals and water from the roots to the leaves
      (b) act as a membrane impermeable to water and gas
      (c) transport food from the leaves to the other parts of the plant
      (d) protect the plant from herbivorous animals