187. The phenomenon of genetic mutation occurs in : [RRB TC 2002]
     (a) DNA
     (b) RNA
     (c) Chromosome
     (d) Ribosome
Ans: (c)
188. The centre for DNA finger print and digonastic is located at : [RRB ASM 2002]
      (a) Hydrabad
      (b) Banglore
      (c) New Delhi
      (d) Chennai
Ans: (a)
189. When two or more different characters are controlled by a gene then the incident is called : [IAS (Pre) 2002]
      (a) politene
      (b) pleotropy
      (c) polyploidi
      (d) apomicsis
Ans: (b)
190. Which one of the following is called suicide bag of the cell ? [RRB ASM/GG 2004]
      (a) lysosomes
      (b) ribosomes
      (c) nucleosomes
      (d) golgibody
Ans: (a)
191. The substance which appears more than 80% in the form of cellular component in the cell is called: [BPSC (Pre)
      (a) protein
      (b) fat
      (c) mineral
      (d) water
Ans: (d)
192. The centre of cellular and molecular biology is located at : [RRB ASM 2002]
      (a) Jaipur
      (b) Lucknow
      (c) New Delhi
      (d) Hydrabad
Ans: (d)
193. The maximum height that a tea plant can attain in nature is :
      (a) 5 feet
      (b) 15 feet
      (c) 30 feet
      (d) more than 40 feet
Ans: (d)
194. The main work of golgi body is: [RRB TC 2005]
      (a) respiration
      (b) to begin cell division
      (c) to produce gastric juice