179. The water and mineral salts are transported in the plants by-
      (a) xylem
      (b) phloem
      (c) pith
      (d) cortex
Ans: (a)
180. The age of the trees are estimated by : [UPPCS (Pre) 2000, BPSC (Pre) 2011]
      (a) their weights
      (b) their heights
      (c) their elongation of roots
      (d) counting the number of annual rings
Ans: (d)
181. Which one of the following plant is utilized in manufacturing the green fertilizers in India? [CDS 2010]
      (a) Wheat
      (b) Jute
      (c) Cotton
      (d) Paddy
Ans: (b)
182. The protoplasm is the physical base of the life; this concept was given by:
      (a) Haksle
      (b) Malipge
      (c) Robert Hooke
      (d) Pasteur
Ans: (a)
183. The theory of mutation was propounded by
      (a) Malthus
      (b) Lamarck
      (c) Hugo de Vries
      (d) Haksle
Ans: (c)
184. The DNA was firstly synthesized by : [BPSC (Pre) 1999]
      (a) Miller
      (b) Hargobind Korana
      (c) Hugo de Vries
      (d) Kelvin
Ans: (b)
185. The word gene was firstly used by : [RRB ASM/GG 2005]
      (a) Waldare
      (b) Watson
      (c) Crick
      (d) Johnson
Ans: (d)
186. Who called (pronounced) the genetical science as genetics? [RRB GG 2002]
      (a) Gregar Mendel
      (b) C. Corence
      (c) H. J. Muller
      (d) W.Watson
Ans: (d)