(b) Coffee
      (c) Groundnut
      (d) Pine
Ans: (b)
171. The common edible mushroom is a [NDA, 2011]
      (a) mass of fungal spores
      (b) type of hypha
      (c) tightly packed mycelium
      (d) structure used for producing asexual spores
Ans: (a)
172. Xerophytes develope in [NDA 2010]
      (a) warm and dry
      (b) cold and humid
      (c) warm and humid
      (d) cold and dry
Ans: (a)
173. The last product of glycolisis is:
      (a) glucose
      (b) pyrubic acid
      (c) ethyl alcohol
      (d) CO2
Ans: (b)
174. Which of the following is a plant hormone:
     (a) adreline
     (b) insulin
     (c) secretin
     (d) oxysin
Ans: (d)
175. The device used to measure the rate of stem growth is :
      (a) hydrometer
      (b) oxynometer
      (c) osmometer
      (d) photometer
Ans: (b)
176. Which of the following is not needed for the growth of the length of the plant? [RRB ASM/ GG 2005]
      (a) sodium
      (b) calcium
      (c) nitrogen
      (d) phosphorus
Ans: (a)
177. The disease yellow vein mosaic is associated with: [RRB ASM/ GG 2002]
      (a) apple
      (b) lady finger
      (c) sugarcane
      (d) mustard
Ans: (a)
178. The food material of the plants is transported to their various organs by-
      (a) xylem
      (b) cartex
      (c) phloem
      (d) pith
Ans: (c)