(c) Gram and other pulse group
      (d) Jute and paddy
Ans: (c)
163. Through which one of the following organism mushroom is associated? [NDA2010]
      (a) Algae
      (b) Fern
      (c) Fungi
      (d) Lychen
Ans: (c)
164. The metallic ion found in the chloropyll (chloroplast) is: [BPSC (pre) 2004]
      (a) iron
      (b) magnesium
      (c) zinc
      (d) cobalt
Ans: (b)
165. Biological catalysts in living organisms are known as [NDA, 2010]
     (a) hormones
     (b) vitamins
     (c) steroids
     (d) enzymes
Ans: (d)
166. To which one of the following types of organism do mushrooms belong? [NDA, 2010]
      (a) Algae
      (b) Ferns
      (c) Fungi
      (d) Lichens
Ans: (c)
167. The role of chloropyll in photosynthesis is: [RRB ASM/GG 2004]
      (a) to absorb water
      (b) to absorb sunlight
      (c) to absorb CO2
      (d) none of these
Ans: (b)
168. Cure to spinal injury is likely to emerge from? [NDA, 2010]
      (a) gene therapy
      (b) stem cell therapy
      (c) xenograft
      (d) transfusion
Ans: (b)
169. Which among the following is not a true fruit? [NDA, 2010]
      (a) Apple
      (b) Date
      (c) Grape
      (d) Plum
Ans: (d)
170. Which one among the following produces seeds but not flowers? [NDA, 2010]
      (a) Cashew nut