Ans: (d)
155. Which one of the following vitamins is pronounced by the name of riboflabine : [Jharkhand PCS (Pre) 2008; RRB
     ASM/GG 2004]
      (a) Vitamin B1
      (b) Vitamin B2
      (c) Vitamin B6
      (d) Vitamin B12
Ans: (b)
156. The turpentine oil is extracted from: [RRB ASM 2003]
      (a) nettle
      (b) cycus
      (c) teak
      (d) pine
Ans: (d)
157. The opium is extracted from which part of the plant? [RRB TC 2005]
      (a) root
      (b) stem
      (c) leaf
      (d) flower
Ans: (d)
158. Which of the following causes pollution in Tajmahal? [SSC2009]
      (a) greenhouse gases
      (b) ozone
      (c) excessive humidity in air
      (d) acid rain
Ans: (d)
159. The evaporation process occurs in: [RRB TC/CC 2003]
      (a) root
      (b) stem
      (c) leaf
      (d) entire body of the plant
Ans: (c)
160. Which of the following hormones of the human body regulates the calcium and phosphate of the blood? [IAS (Pre)
      (a) Glucogan
      (b) Growth hormone
      (c) Parathyroid hormone
      (d) Thyroxine
Ans: (b)
161. From where oxygen is made available for photosynthesis of the plants? [RRB ASM/GG 2004]
      (a) air
      (b) water
      (c) sunlight
      (d) soil
Ans: (b)
162. Which one of the following plants has capacity of nitrogen fixation? [MPPCS (Pre) 2009]
      (a) Paddy and wheat
      (b) Maize and sugarcane