Ans: (b)
147. The clove is a:
      (a) fruit
      (b) grown bud
      (c) dry flower bud
      (d) seed
Ans: (c)
148. The most stable eco-system is- [RAS/ RTS (Pre) 2008]
      (a) Forest
      (b) Steppe
      (c) Desert
      (d) Sea
Ans: (d)
149. Which of the following factor is the most important for the degradation of bio-diversity? [UPPCS 2010]
      (a) self-sustained inheritance
      (b) control of parasites
      (c) devastation of natural habitat
      (d) insect control
Ans: (c)
150. Which of the following is a manmade paddy:
      (a) hordium bulgear
      (b) tritkel
      (c) zia mez
      (d) tritium bulgear
Ans: (b)
151. Which of the following has maximum protein : [BPSC (Pre) 1995]
      (a) gram
      (b) pea
      (c) soabean
      (d) pigeon pea
Ans: (c)
152. Which of the following fibres is not the product of plant stem? [UPPCS (Pre) 2000]
      (a) hemp
      (b) jute
      (c) silk
      (d) cotton
Ans: (d)
153. The medicine of malaria (cincona) has been now replaced by an artificial medicine which is : [UPPCS (Pre) 2000]
      (a) ampyciline
      (b) chIoroquinine
      (c) tetracycline
      (d) chIoromycetine
Ans: (b)
154. Which one of the following crops supply surplus nitrogen to the soil? [IAS (Pre.) 1994]
      (a) potato
      (b) sweet potato
      (c) sun flower
      (d) pea