131. The edible part of pear is [RRB ASM 2004]
      (a) endocarp
      (b) seed ferns
      (c) aerial
      (d) pulpy thalamus
Ans: (d)
132. The plant in which seed exists but fruit doesn"t is- [RRB TC/CC 2005]
      (a) sugarcane
      (b) groundnut
      (c) almond
      (d) cycus
Ans: (d)
133. The seeds are developed through-
      (a) lady saffron
      (b) ovule
      (c) ovary
      (d) pollen sac
Ans: (b)
134. The orchid seeds are:
      (a) light and dry
      (b) smaller and sticky
      (c) more larger and heavy
      (d) None of these
Ans: (a)
135. Which of the following vitamin is used like a hormone: [Jharkhand PCS (Pre) 2008]
      (a) Vitamin A
      (b) Vitamin B
      (c) Vitamin C
      (d) Vitamin D
Ans: (d)
136. The viviparous sproutness is found in:
      (a) pine - apple
      (b) rhizophora
      (c) rhizocheonium
      (d) rhizobium
Ans: (b)
137. The species through which potato is associated:
      (a) soleneci
      (b) composity
      (c) gramini
      (d) crucipheri
Ans: (a)
138. The botanical name of mango is:
      (a) musa sepiantum
      (b) docus carota
      (c) mensiphera indica
      (d) None of these
Ans: (c)