(b) weak offspring
      (c) good offspring
      (d) seeds
Ans: (c)
116. The incident of pollination in the closed flowers is called:
      (a) clistogamy
      (b) alogamy
      (c) autogamy
      (d) None of these
Ans: (a)
117. The stigma is always found rough and oily in:
      (a) water pollinated flowers
      (b) insect pollinated flowers
      (c) air pollinated flowers
      (d) almost all types of flower
Ans: (b)
118. The part of gynoecium which receives pollen is called:
      (a) Stigma
      (b) Style
      (c) Ovule
      (d) Ovary
Ans: (a)
119. The pollination of snail is called:
      (a) zoophilous
      (b) entomophilous
      (c) chiropteriphilous
      (d) malacophilous
Ans: (d)
120. Insects that can transmit diseases to human are referred to as [CDS,2011]
      (a) carriers
      (b) reservoirs
      (c) vectors
      (d) incubators
Ans: (c)
121. If we sprinkle common salt on an earthworm, it dies due to [CDS, 2011]
     (a) osmotic shock
     (b) respiratory failure
     (c) closure of pores of skin
     (d) toxic effect of salt
Ans: (a)
122. Cutting and peeling of onions brings tears to the eyes because of the presence of? [CDS, 2011]
      (a) Sulfur in the cell
      (b) Aminoacid in the cell
      (c) Fat in the cell
      (d) Carbon in the cell
Ans: (a)
123. Usually stem cutting is a culturing process which is used in: [BPSC (Pre) 1994]