(d) None of these
Ans: (b)
108. Which of the following plant organ is most vital from its life cycle point of view ? [BPSC (Pre) 1995]
      (a) flower
      (b) leaf
      (c) stem
      (d) root
Ans: (a)
109. Which one among the following is the largest monkey? [NDA, 2011]
      (a) Spider monkey
      (b) Baboon
      (c) Gorilla
      (d) Howler monkey
Ans: (b)
110. White blood cells act [CDS,2011]
      (a) as a defence against infection
      (b) as source of energy
      (c) for clotting blood
      (d) as a medium for oxygen transport from lung to tissues
Ans: (a)
111. What function does blood perform in body? [MPPCS 2011]
      (a) Takes oxygen to all parts
      (b) Maintains liquidity
      (c) Helps in digestion
      (d) Helps in erection
Ans: (a)
112. What is the average speed of a bee? [MPPCS (Pre) 2011]
      (a) 10 km/h
      (b) 5 km/h
      (c) 1 km/h
      (d) stem
      (e) 16 km/h
Ans: (b)
113. What should be the body weight of a 14 years old teenage boy? [MPPCS 2011]
     (a) around 12kg
     (b) around 14 kg
     (c) around 26 kg
     (d) around 37 kg
Ans: (a)
114. In which of the following structure the human body vermiform appendix is included: [IAS (Pre) 2007]
      (a) large intestine
      (b) small intestine
      (c) gall bladder
      (d) stomach
Ans: (a)
115. The process of cross pollination is beneficial which causes:
      (a) male offspring