100. Which of the following pairs is wrong:
      (a) conical root - onion
      (b) fusiform root - radish
      (c) napiform root - turnip
      (d) pneumatophores - mangrove plant
Ans: (a)
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101. Which is the largest mammal? [MPPCS (Pre)2011]
      (a) Whale
      (b) African Elephant
      (c) Hippopotamus
      (d) Polar bear
Ans: (a)
102. Who propounded the theory of evolution? [MPPCS (Pre) 2011]
      (a) Spencer
      (b) Darwin
      (c) Wallace
      (d) Huxlay
Ans: (b)
103. The ginger is a :
      (a) bulb
      (b) rhizome
      (c) tuber
      (d) modifiedroot
Ans: (b)
104. The onion is a modified form of :
      (a) stem
      (b) root
      (c) leave
      (d) fruit
Ans: (a)
105. Which of the following is a modified stem:
      (a) carrot
      (b) sweet potato
      (c) coconut
      (d) potato
Ans: (d)
106. The edible part of cauliflower is:
      (a) fruit
      (b) bud
      (c) flower
      (d) thalamus
Ans: (d)
107. The longest flower of the world is: [BPSC (Pre) 1994]
      (a) lotus
      (b) reflesia
      (c) a very large cactus