Ans: (a)
77. The medicine of epilepsi is extracted from the lichen:
      (a) leconera
      (b) rosella
      (c) indocarpon
      (d) permalia
Ans: (d)
78. Water percentage in plasma is : [JPSC (Pre) 2011]
      (a) 60%
      (b) 70%
      (c) 80%
      (d) 90%
Ans: (d)
79. In which of the following rhizoids are found on the behalf of root?
      (a) angiosperm
      (b) gymnosperm
      (c) bryophytes
      (d) pteridophytes
Ans: (c)
80. Azola is a/an:
      (a) bryophyte
      (b) algae
      (c) fungi
      (d) aqeous fern
Ans: (d)
81. How much protein a working woman must intake every day? [JPSC (Pre) 2011]
      (a) 30 g
      (b) 37 g
      (c) 40 g
      (d) 45 g
Ans: (d)
82. Which of the following has the largest number of chromosomes?
      (a) human beings
      (b) pteridophytes
      (c) elephants
      (d) angiosperm
Ans: (b)
83. Which of the following animals breathes through the skin? [JPSC (Pre) 2011]
      (a) Fish
      (b) Pigeon
      (c) Frog
      (d) Cockroach
Ans: (c)
84. Blood is a / an- [JPSC 2011]
      (a) connective tissue
      (b) epithelial tissue
      (c) both of the above
      (d) none of the above