61. Photosynthesis occurs in : [BPSC (Pre) 2011]
      (a) nucleus
      (b) mitochondria
      (c) chloroplast
      (d) peroxisome
Ans: (c)
62. The ergot is extracted from:
      (a) rizhobiurn
      (b) calliviseps
      (c) phytomonas
      (d) albuego
Ans: (b)
63. Which of the following is an edible fungi :
      (a) mucer
      (b) pencilleam
      (c) agaricus
      (d) rizopus
Ans: (c)
64. Sexual reproduction causes genetic variation because of : [BPSC 2011]
      (a) blending of genes
      (b) chromosomal changes
      (c) shuffling of genes
      (d) all of the above
Ans: (d)
65. The disease scabies is caused by- [CDS 2004]
      (a) bacteria
      (b) fungi
      (c) protozoa
      (d) nematode
Ans: (b)
66. Which one of the following organs breaks fat to produce cholesterol? [NDA 2011]
      (a) intestine
      (b) liver
      (c) lungs
      (d) kidneys
Ans: (b)
67. The drug most widely tried against AIDS virus is : [JPSC (Pre) 2011]
      (a) zidovudene (azido thymidine)
      (b) miconazole
      (c) nonoxynol-9
      (d) virazole
Ans: (a)
68. The disease athelete foot is caused by- [IAS (Pre) 2001]
      (a) bacteria
      (b) fungi
      (c) protozoa
      (d) nimatod
Ans: (b)