(a) Azeto vector species
      (b) rizhobium species
      (c) fangal root fungal
      (d) blue-green algae
Ans: (d)
54. The unicellular algae used to supply and regulate the oxygen in the space programmes is :
      (a) Ulothrix
      (b) Spirogyra
      (c) Chlorella
      (d) Odogonium
Ans: (c)
55. The appearance of red colour of the red sea is caused by :
      (a) moss
      (b) algae
      (c) fungi
      (d) bacteria
Ans: (b)
56. The branch of botany under which fungi is studied is called:
      (a) phycology
      (b) mycology
      (c) microbiology
      (d) embryology
Ans: (b)
57. The fungi which is appeared on the barks of the plants is :
      (a) corticols
      (b) juphilus
      (c) sexicoles
      (d) coprophilus
Ans: (a)
58. Which one among the following statements about stomach is not correct? [NDA 2011]
      (a) Stomach acts as a temporary reservoir
      (b) Stomach mixes food with gastric juice
      (c) Stomach secretes lipase and amylase in gastric juice
      (d) Rate of stomach emptying depends on the type of food
Ans: (d)
59. In which of the following chlorophyll does not exist:
      (a) algae
      (b) bryophytes
      (c) taridophytes
      (d) fungi
Ans: (d)
60. The fungi which is used in the preparation of double bread (roti) is :
      (a) rizopus stolnifer
      (b) zygosachhromicez
      (c) sachhromicez cerviici
      (d) sachhromicodis ludecuzai
Ans: (c)