(c) lipid and carbohydrate
      (d) carbohydrate
Ans: (b)
46. Chemically silk fibres are predominantly [CDS 2010]
      (a) Protein
      (b) Carbohydrate
      (c) Complex lipid
      (d) Mixture of polysaccharide and fat
Ans: (d)
47. Administering a vaccine provides protection by inducing synthesis of antibodies (proteins) specific to the vaccine.
    The cell in the body responsible for the production of antibodies is [NDA 2010]
      (a) granulocyte
      (b) lymphocyte
      (c) erythrocyte (red blood cell)
      (d) platelet
Ans: (b)
48. Which of the following is a viral disease? [RRB TC 2005]
      (a) small pox
      (b) tuberculosis
      (c) malaria
      (d) cholera
Ans: (a)
49. The disease of foot and mouth in the animals are caused by- [IAS 2002]
      (a) bacteria
      (b) fungi
      (c) protozoa
      (d) virus
Ans: (d)
50. Embryo is found in : [BPSC (Pre) 2011]
      (a) flowers
      (b) leaves
      (c) seeds
      (d) buds
Ans: (d)
51. The cell wall of algae is made from:
      (a) chitin
      (b) suberin
      (c) cellulose
      (d) cutin
Ans: (c)
52. Sandalwood tree is considered a [NDA 2011]
      (a) total root parasite
      (b) total stem parasite
      (c) stem parasite
      (d) partial root parasite
Ans: (a)
53. The biofertilizer used for the paddy crops is : [IAS (Pre) 2000]