37. Development of the natural systems is described as?
      (a) function of the systems
      (b) evolution of the systems
      (c) self-sustained process of the systems
      (d) none of the above
Ans: (c)
38. The disease hydrophobia is caused by-
      (a) bacteria
      (b) fungi
      (c) virus
      (d) protozoa
Ans: (c)
39. Edberd Gener had invented:
      (a) inoculation of tuberclosis
      (b) inoculation of AIDS
      (c) inoculation of polio
      (d) inoculation of smallpox
Ans: (d)
40. AIDS is caused by :
      (a) lack of T-4 lymphocytes
      (b) high blood pressure
      (c) lack of riboflobin
      (d) bacterial infection
Ans: (a)
41. The saliva hydrolyses starch into
      (a) glucose
      (b) sucrose
      (c) fructose
      (d) CO2 & H2O
Ans: (a)
42. Leishmania the causative agent of Kala-azar, multiplies asexually by [NDA 2010]
      (a) budding
      (b) binary fission
      (c) multiple fission
      (d) sporogony
Ans: (b)
43. Genetics deals with: [BPSC (Pre) 2011]
    (a) Mendel"s laws
    (b) Organic evolution
    (c) DNA structure
    (d) Heredity and variations
Ans: (d)
44. Mendel"s principles of inheritance are based on : [BPSC 2011]
      (a) vegetative reproduction
      (b) asexual reproduction
      (c) sexual reproduction
      (d) all of the above
Ans: (d)
45. The virus is : [SSC Grad. 2002]
      (a) protein and lipid
      (b) nucleic acid and protein