(b) Dengue fever
      (c) Filaria
      (d) Kala-azar
Ans: (d)
30. Which part of brain controls fine movement, maintains balance and equilibrium of the body and muscle tone in a
    human being? [NDA 2010]
      (a) Cerebrum
      (b) Thalamus
      (c) Cerebellum
      (d) Hypothalamus
Ans: (c)
31. The cooling process of the substance having microbes implies that: [RRB TC/CC 2002]
      (a) to contract protoplasm of the microbes
      (b) to diminish growth rate of the microbes
      (c) to make inactive the microbes
      (d) to destroy the microbes
Ans: (c)
32. Environment is a composite state of : [BPSC 2011]
      (a) biotic factors
      (b) physiographic factors
      (c) abiotic factors
      (d) all of the above
Ans: (d)
33. The milk is transformed into the curd; by [SSC Graduate 2002]
      (a) mycobacterium
      (b) staphylococus
      (c) lactobacillus
      (d) yeast
Ans: (c)
34. The bacteria which does the work of nitrogen fixatioin in the legumeneous plants is:
      (a) Azetovector
      (b) Nitrovector
      (c) Rizhobium
      (d) Sudomonas
Ans: (c)
35. Which component of plants receives stemulus for flowering? [BPSC (Pre) 2011]
      (a) stems
      (b) branches
      (c) leaves
      (d) roots
Ans: (c)
36. The virus is assumed to be a-
      (a) living substance
      (b) non-living substance
      (c) transitional group between a living and non-living organism
      (d) living organism which has lost its power of senses
Ans: (c)