1.  The vitamin(s), which is/ are generally excreted in urine, is/ are [CDS 2010]
    (a) vitamin A
    (b) vitamin B
    (c) vitamin C
    (d) vitamins D and K
Ans: (c)
2.  Which one among the following is a major source of sugar? [CDS 2010]
    (a) Watermelon
    (b) Beetroot
    (c) Sugarcane
    (d) Date
Ans: (c)
3.  Consider the following:
    1) Photosynthesis
    2) Respiration
    3) Decay of organic matter
    4) Volcani action
    Which of the above add carbon dioxide to the carbon cycle on Earth? [CSAT - IAS 2011]
    (a)   1 and 4 only
    (b)   2 and 3 only
    (c)   2,3 and 4 only
    (d)   1,2,3 and 4
Ans: (b)
4.  The study of Dendrology is associated with:
    (a) flowers
    (b) trees
    (c) Shrubs
    (d) Plants
Ans: (c)
5.  The study of flowers is called:
      (a) Anthology
      (b) Agrestology
      (c) Phynology
      (d) Polinology
Ans: (a)
6.  Itching due to insect bite is caused by [CDS 2010]
      (a) formic acid
      (b) acetic acid
      (c) lactic acid
      (d) maleic acid
Ans: (a)
7.  Regular intake of fresh fruits and vegetables are recommended in the diet since they are a good source of
    antioxidants. How do antioxidants help a person in order to maintain the health and promoting congevity? [CSAT-
    IAS 2011]