(d) only autosomes
Ans: (b)
279. The Green Revolution in India owes much to
     (a) MS Swaminathan
     (b) TS Venkataraman
     (c) Norman Borlaug
     (d) Prime Minister
Ans: (a)
280. Appearance of offspring resembling their remote ancestor is called
     (a) Atavism
     (b) Lethality
     (c) Mutation
     (d) Progeny
Ans: (a)
281. Genes are made of
     (a) Carbohydrates
     (b) Proteins
     (c) Fats
     (d) Nucleotides
Ans: (d)
282. Mendel chose for his experiments the plant
     (a) Bean
     (b) Pea
     (c) Cucumber
     (d) Rose
Ans: (b)
283. Eugenics is the application of genetics to improve
     (a) crop plants
     (b) fruit trees
     (c) cattle
     (d) human beings
Ans: (d)
284. The plant hormone which promotes ripening of fruits is
     (a) auxin
     (b) ethylene
     (c) gibberellin
     (d) cytokinin
Ans: (b)
285. What are oncogenes?
     (a) a dominant gene
     (b) a set of genes which produce cancer
     (c) a gene present in the X-chromosomes causing haemophilia
     (d) a recessive gene
Ans: (b)
286. Who coined the term gene?
     (a) Mendel
     (b) Devries
     (c) Jacob and Monod
     (d) Johanson
Ans: (d)
287. The suggestion that the chromosomes are the carriers of hereditary material was first made by
     (a) Johanson
     (b) Flemming
     (c) Sutton and Boveri
     (d) Morgan
Ans: (c)
288. Mutations could be created by X-rays. This was found by
     (a) Muller
     (b) Morgan
     (c) Meyer
     (d) Flemming