(a) epithelial tissue
     (b) connective tissue
     (c) nervous tissue
     (d) cartilage
Ans: (b)
188. Oxygen transport is a function of
     (a) White Blood Corpuscles
     (b) Red Blood-Corpuscles
     (c) Blood Platelets
     (d) Plasma
Ans: (b)
189. The condition in which there is abnormal decrease of white blood corpuscles is known as
     (a) leukaemia
     (b) leucoderma
     (c) leukopenia
     (d) anaemia
Ans: (c)
190. Fibrinogen is present in
     (a) lymph
     (b) liver
     (c) blood plasma
     (d) pancreas
Ans: (c)
191. Blood of cockroach is
     (a) red
     (b) bluish
     (c) greenish
     (d) colourless
Ans: (d)
192. The thrombocytes are associated with
     (a) blood coagulation
     (b) transport of respiratory gases
     (c) removal of nitrogenous wastes
     (d) all the above
Ans: (a)
193. The muscles of the heart are
     (a) striated and involuntary
     (b) striated and voluntary
     (c) smooth and involuntary
     (d) smooth and voluntary
Ans: (a)
194. The blood of cockroach shows the following characteristics except one. Mark it.
     (a) It serves to distribute nutrient directly to every part of the body
     (b) It contains several kinds of corpuscles without haemoglobin
     (c) It collects metabolic wastes
     (d) It carries oxygen
Ans: (d)
195. Blood platelets are found in
     (a) all vertebrates
     (b) all chordates
     (c) mammals only
     (d) birds and mammals
Ans: (c)
196. What is an antigen?
     (a) toxic substance
     (b) a kind of protein
     (c) blood platelets
     (d) blood corpuscles
Ans: (b)
197. Blood plasma from which fibrinogen is removed is known as
     (a) serum