177. The animal without urinary bladder is
     (a) Bird
     (b) Man
     (c) Rabbit
     (d) Cow
Ans: (a)
178. The animal that excretes uric acid
     (a) Monkey
     (b) Lizard
     (c) Mouse
     (d) Elephant
Ans: (b)
179. Fishes send out their nitrogenous waste as
     (a) ammonia
     (b) urea
     (c) uric acid
     (d) sweat
Ans: (a)
180. In plants water is carried upwards by
     (a) phloem
     (b) paranchyma
     (c) xylem
     (d) meristem
Ans: (c)
181. Translocation of food takes place in plants through
     (a) xylem
     (b) phloem
     (c) cambium
     (d) cortex
Ans: (b)
182. Dialysis" is used when there is a failure of
     (a) heart
     (b) lungs
     (c) liver
     (d) kidneys
Ans: (d)
183. The artificial kidney is a
     (a) machine
     (b) transplant
     (c) another"s kidney
     (d) other kidney form same body
Ans: (a)
184. Which one of the following genetical disease is sex-linked?
     (a) Royal haemophilia
     (b) Tay-Sachs disease
     (c) Cystic fibrosis
     (d) Hypertension
Ans: (a)
185. The counting of RBC"s can be performed by
     (a) Haemocytometer
     (b) Haemoglobinometer
     (c) Clinostat
     (d) Thermometer
Ans: (a)
186. Formation of blood
     (a) Histolysis
     (b) Histogenesis
     (c) Haemopoiesis
     (d) Haemolysis
Ans: (c)
187. Blood is a kind of