A. Theory of Mutation                           1. Beadk and Tatuum
          B. Theory of Evolution                          2. Jacob and Monod
          C. One gene one enzyme hypothesis               3. Darwin
          D. Operon concept                               4. De Vries
            A       B        C         D
      (a)   3       4        1         2
      (b)   4       3        1         2
      (c)   4       3        2         1
      (d)   3       4        2         1
Ans: (b)
170. The human heart is
     (a) Neurogenic heart
     (b) Myogenic heart
     (c) Pulsating heart
     (d) Ampullary heart
Ans: (b)
171. The genetic code DNA is carried from the nucleus to Ribosome by
     (a) t-RNA
     (b) r-RNA
     (c) S-DNA
     (d) ATP
Ans: (b)
172. Veins carry blood
     (a) towards the heart
     (b) away from the heart
     (c) both to and from the heart
     (d) only around the heart
Ans: (a)
173. The theory of "jumping genes" was propounded by
     (a) Gregor John Mendel
     (b) Thomas Hunt Morgan
     (c) Barbara McClintock
     (d) Watson and Crick
Ans: (c)
174. Match the following:
     List-I                                     List-II
     (Diseases)                                 (Types of disease)
     A. Haemophilia                             1. Deficiency disease
     B. Diabetes                                2. Genetic Disease
     C. Rickets                                 3. Hormonal disorder
     D. Ringworm                                4. Fungal infection
          A         B        C         D
     (a) 2          3        4         1
     (b) 2          3        1         4
     (c) 3          2        1         4
     (d) 3          2        4         1
Ans: (b)
175. The waste product In the urine of man is
     (a) urea
     (b) uric acid
     (c) ammonia
     (d) non-nitrogenous
Ans: (a)
176. Nephrons are found inside
     (a) Liver
     (b) Lung
     (c) Brain
     (d) Kidneys
Ans: (d)